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Uppercase letter


December 7, 2015, 11:08

Capital letters When?

When are children in an educational institution (kindergarten, school) taught to write in capital letters? Well, or do not teach, and the child should already be able to himself? (now it seems like this is how the training goes? "himself, everything himself) Is it true that in elementary school teachers are against capital letters?

Read completely... Read completely Irina

January 6, 2017 23:23

Capital letters: cap or wand?

Moms, today I noticed that the child, when writing capital letters P, T, G, P, first writes the "roof"! and said that they were taught that first the "roof" and then the sticks under it. Of course, I had long ago accepted the fact that I was writing incorrectly by modern standards, but then I became interested; now these rules were what the daughter or the daughter of the crow considered when explaining. How do you write?

Read completely... Read completely Eve

April 30, 2015, 20:14

Upper case letters

Good day to all. So, the child is already almost 5.5, reads by syllables (learned from the primer Zhukova), writes in block letters (he can write the word by ear), asks him to teach him to write capital letters. He draws well and perfectly draws complex drawings, he likes to write (by the way, he only recently learned to hold a pencil correctly, he says himself), what do you think - if you buy letters with letters for school and train on them - is it normal?

Read completely... Read completely Little man

October 14, 2015 11:28

Cards with capital letters

I plan to buy a first-grader son, invest in writing. I think it will be convenient for him to pry - like what letter is written. I hope this will not be small. The description indicates 6 * 13 cm, and in the title - A5, this is 14.8 * 21 cm. What to believe is not clear :) Russian Alphabet Card, A-5 The rest are significantly larger:

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Child development calendar

We will tell you the real stories of our mummies who have been through it or are passing right now!

Hello, school!

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October 18, 2011, 17:51

capital letters

read this article on the plane, and what do you think about this? http://www.rg.ru/2011/10/11/propisi.html I here completely agree with this comment "It is not necessary to refuse a letter. This is a special kind of mental activity, and verbal thinking cannot be replaced by anything." I even write excerpts from the disserter on paper, well, it occurred to me that I wrote it down right away, although the computer was on hand :) and I read the articles with a pencil and notebook, take notes. I write plans and lists with pens :)

Read completely... Read completely Tatyana

October 18, 2016, 00:18



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Advise recipe

Hello! Looking for summer calligraphy. So that the arrows show how to write letters and capital letters, starting with the elements - sticks and hooks. And also numbers. To the lines and cells were well visible and not very small ......

Read completely... Read completely Helena

September 22, 2016, 12:01


Yesterday I did German, a piece of the whole housework)) It seems that nothing complicated was quickly divided into consonants and vowels, but it turned out to be more difficult for him to switch from capital letters to capital letters. Yes, and confuses some letters, it is necessary to pull them up at the weekend))

Read completely... Read completely Luda

January 12, 2017 23:34

How do they write in the first grade?

Matured such a question - I already look in capital letters writing .. or is it at the end of the first class? my print is not very neat writing, dictation .... (we were in September 1 cl) I remember that we were learning to write in school .. now differently, tell?

Read completely... Read completely *** yaRaduga ***

September 28, 2016, 23:04

Already the eye is twitching ...

Girls, it privodelos. Therefore, the ghost. I, too, am not a great spelling connoisseur, but then the name of the book is before my eyes. *** And then I will write about my personal zadolbashka. "Pronouns you and yours are written with a capital (capital) letter as a form of courteous address to one person. When referring to several persons, you and yours should be written with a lowercase letter. Writing you, your capital letter when referring to several persons is a mistake." link Many, very many, you write meaning me and ...

Read completely... Read completely Granny and Granddaughter

April 12, 2016, 20:27

Puzzle in the frame "Alphabet"

Hello! Today we show and talk about the puzzle)) Frame - puzzle Alphabet Puzzle in the frame "Alphabet" Manufacturer: Russian style Format: A3. The puzzle is packed in film. Thank you for watching our video! Alphabet Frame Puzzle

Read completely... Read completely Elina

October 3, 2016, 00:30


Alison is very eager to learn to write beautifully. I do not know why she needs it so much, but she really wants to. Therefore, besides her school cursives, she constantly writes various stories, so to speak for herself) Now she asked me for a pen to write whole stories) And since at school they had not yet learned all the capital letters how to write, then the child has to learn them independently. So today she has reached the letter t. She drags me her notebook, and with so beautiful gnarled letters it is derived: ...

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Minute of literacy ⏳

A minute of literacy ⏳ Now it has become clear to us We will never forget: The word POL with any consonant is always written together. Before L

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The teacher handed home a sheet with a written assignment and noted two points: “The child writes slowly” and “the child makes incorrect movements with a pencil while writing” (I don’t know how to translate more elegantly). And here poor Deniz sits after a three-hour workout and rewrites the entire alphabet in capital letters. A line of small letters, a line of large. What the hell, God ...

Read completely... Read completely Alexandra

February 21, 2015, 22:31

Template (or mini game) for those who learn letters

The other day, I was again asked to make a template game for learning letters in the kindergarten, so that it was not too complicated, but could keep the attention of the children))) The meaning of the game is to put it on a big letter, a small one, or on a printed letter, a spell. And I quickly blinded this template here) I give you an empty template, without letters. Maybe .... you can apply it for other topics as well. If anyone needs it with letters, write, I will give and with letters. DOWNLOAD)

Read completely... Read completely Milana

January 23, 2017 9:47 PM

Children's educational toys

Poster electronic SIGN "Speaking Alphabet" 8 modes Poster electronic SIGN "Speaking Alphabet" will help your child in a game form to learn the letters of the Russian alphabet. The poster will teach the kid funny rhymes, and also teach him to count from 1 to 33. It has 8 modes of operation: learning letters, learning sounds, fun song about the alphabet, fun song about a particular subject, learning numbers, making riddles and exam. With a poster, a child has the opportunity to independently study both printed and upper case letters.

Read completely... Read completely Helena

October 16, 2016, 00:15

2nd grade, 1st quarter. German

Well, the last, so to speak, “cherry” Sanina’s study is German!))) First and foremost, we got to a very good teacher))), Sanya is delighted with the language). Almost the entire alphabet has passed, 4 letters left. So far it is rather difficult for him to reorganize into capital letters, bought the alphabet and signed the letters so that they are in front of the eyes and memorized faster)) already make translations of simple sentences, such as - I am cheerful or She is young. Goes to add. German. As a result, he gets 4 lessons per week - 3 ...

Read completely... Read completely *** Natalie ***

February 2, 2015, 17:56

Almost first grader)

wrote an application to school today. At the end of the week already enrolled. We do not believe that our baby will go to school this year ... The school is the same where Nikita studies. The teacher is different. The girl is learning how to write capital letters)

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The combination of letters ???

Such a situation, the son of a preschool child, decided to learn to write capital letters (please do not discourage, there are good reasons for this), but since I know that retraining is much worse than learning from scratch, I decided to approach this issue responsibly. I learned the program in the buddy school and the author of the textbook. Program-perspective, Record here such

Read completely... Read completely Svetlana

October 16, 2015 10:24

Minute literacy

Now it has become clear to us. Never forget: The word POL is always written with any consonant. Before the letter “L” and before the vowel, Before the letter is capital “Word” FLOOR is clear to everyone- Separated by a line. -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- Long Eat Tomatoes - There are no shortcuts. It is better to live without tots, Than to walk without shorts! Cakes - Shorts: stress in all forms of both words falls on the first syllable!

Read completely... Read completely Natalia_Maya

August 8, 2014 21:30


Dear accomplices and accomplices - recommend, please, write for 5 years :) And do you think it makes sense to learn to write first letters or immediately try to write in capital letters?

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Sound poster "Expert" Speaking alphabet new

Very cool alphabet !!! (COMPLETELY NEW, IN PACKING) (we have a double) It has everything you can dream of, and the price is quite pleasant - for all this pleasure is only 890 rubles !!!! So, it has: letters, SOUNDS, game, exam, score up to 33, rhymes about each letter, song. And at the same time, the child remembers not only a printed letter, but also capital letters - big and small (the variant of writing recommended by the Ministry of Education). At the poster volume is regulated !!! A miracle, not a guide, especially for those who ...

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The process has begun!

Here I think, whether to continue to go to the cubes. We will continue, probably, because They will soon begin to disassemble the proposals already. And the day before yesterday, we had a LITTER) And why hadn’t I bought it before?))) We now read by syllables and learn to make color schemes with PLEASURE! What a relief! Do all children already print? And if they print badly, do you already write the elements of capital letters? Get ready for the letter?

Read completely... Read completely mama katya

February 4, 2016, 5:30 pm

Is reading

In general, I missed the start of preparation for school, and especially I didn’t try to give Anya there. Began to go to the tutor. In general, I myself worked with her, but as it stalled with us. She looks at me, "Well, mom, well, tell me," and in no way did her letters fit into syllables. or I'm not explaining to the wrong side: (they looked like a tutor and the result is noticeable right away. already reads well, for example, we go by car and she already reads the signs of a normal letter now with ...

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On the trail of the weekend we will go to write Tay to the school at the Russian Embassy (being citizens of another country), the studies will begin in September. I will play the role of a teacher, but I will take exams a couple of times a year. Forces us! And this is combined with the Japanese school and the Mystery classes. He writes in capital letters pretty well, reads. And in Russian and in Japanese. He goes to ballet, Jiu Jeans and swimming, from June we stop spelling, he gets tired.

Read completely...
When are children in an educational institution (kindergarten, school) taught to write in capital letters?
Well, or do not teach, and the child should already be able to himself?
Now it seems like this is how the training goes?
Himself, everything himself) Is it true that in elementary school teachers are against capital letters?
How do you write?
Or is it at the end of the first class?
Now differently, tell?
The combination of letters ?
And the day before yesterday, we had a LITTER) And why hadn’t I bought it before?
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