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Leave for a long time how to spell. How the word is spelled correctly: “not for long” or “not for long”, together or separately

  1. Video: Fluent and separate writing is not with adverbs
  2. Together or separately?
  3. The rule "briefly" (adverb)
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Read the article to know all the rules on the spelling "not" with adverbs.

There are many words in Russian that schoolchildren and even many adults often do not know how to write correctly. Sometimes even memorizing the rules does not help. After all, it is important to understand not only the rule, but also be able to apply it correctly. In this article, we will analyze how to spell the word " briefly " - together or separately, and also consider all the rules that apply to the spelling of this word.

In this article, we will analyze how to spell the word  briefly  - together or separately, and also consider all the rules that apply to the spelling of this word

If you do not know how to write an adverb or an adjective with a particle “ not ”, then you need to pay attention to the context. If we speak about this adverb as a separate word, then it should be written together, since the adverb with “ not ” is written together, and this “ not ” in this case is a prefix, and we know from the 2nd class that the prefix inseparable from the root.

But how do you spell the word “for a short time ” or “ not for a long time ”, if “ not ” is a particle? The answer is further in the text.

As mentioned above, in the Russian language there is both a continuous and separate spelling of the word “ not for long ”. It must be considered in context. In what cases “ briefly ” is written together? Rules and examples:

  • “Not for long” is an adverb, and an adverb with the particle “not” is written together.
  • It is necessary to write together, if you can pick up a word similar in meaning (synonym), which can be not just one word, but a phrase. The prefix changes the word in meaning to the opposite meaning. If this is so in the text, it means you need to write together.
  • For example , "I left for a while." If you rephrase this sentence with the adverb without the particle “ not ”, you get “I left for a long time”. It turns out the opposite in meaning of the word, which means you need to write it together.

In this case, the word needs to be written together, since it means “ to a short time "Is a synonym that easily matches a word in this context.

In this case, the word needs to be written together, since it means “ to   a short time   Is a synonym that easily matches a word in this context

Separately, this word is written, if “ not ” is a negative particle. Here are the rules that help to understand in what cases “ not for long ” is written separately:

  • You cannot replace this word with a synonym, since its context will be lost in the context.
  • A sentence with increased negation: for example, "I went in, but not for long."
  • The proposal is opposed to the union " a ": "I want to come not for long, but forever."
  • The presence of words that refer to " not for long ": "I want to come to you at all for a long time." There is an opposition in such sentences, therefore “ not ” is written separately: “They didn’t come to us for a long time at all.”

If you learn the rules and understand how to apply them correctly, you can write any words without errors. Everything is simple and clear. If you still do not understand something, then learn the rules by heart and try to make sentences yourself - so you will consolidate the material covered.

Video: Fluent and separate writing is not with adverbs

shortly or not long

Together or separately?

If an adverb can be replaced with a synonym, it is written in one word - not for long .
If there is an opposition with the union "a" or words like "absolutely", "not at all" and others, then it is written separately - not for long .

There are both possible answers to the question of how the word “ briefly ” is spelled correctly, together or separately.

The rule "briefly" (adverb)

This word is an adverb ending in -o, and adverbs in -o, -e are written with “not” together or separately by the same rule as adjectives.

That is, if you can pick up a synonym, then you need to write together.

A synonym can be not one word, but a combination, just a word together with the negative prefix "not" should be a meaningful concept. In this case, it is briefly written together, since it means “for a short time,” that is, a meaningful word and a synonym can be chosen. The prefix "not" changes the meaning of the word to the opposite. Check: for a long time - not for long . Yes, indeed, it is. So you need to write together.


  • I will come to you today for a while .
  • Valentina only lay down for a while , but did not have time to sleep.
  • It makes no sense to go for long : all the time it takes to acclimatize.

Rule "not for long" (adverb + negative particle)

On the contrary, separately the word “ for a long time ” is written with a negative particle “not” in the event that this combination is not presented as integrity and cannot therefore be replaced with a synonym. This may be due to the properties of the meaning of the word itself (for example, “not to the right” —but where? To left? Forward? To back?) Or due to a combination of words in a sentence. Usually pay attention to the presence of

  • opposition to the union "a";
  • the words “absolutely” (in the meaning of “completely”), “not at all”, “not at all”, “not at all”, etc.

Indeed, in these cases it is impossible to substitute a synonym for the adverb: "We did not come for a long time, but for three days." You can't say "... for a short time, but for three days." Or: "We did not stop at all for a long time." It is impossible to replace with a synonym: "We have gone for a short time at all."

In sentences with such words, opposition is implied, therefore the word “for a long time” is written separately with “not”.


Speak aloud all the examples for better memorization.

  • It seems to me that this is not even for a long time , but forever.
  • They did n’t come for long at all, where did you get this from!
  • Grandmother did not go to the hospital for long - for a week.

Do you know..

Which option is correct?
(according to statistics of the last week, only 31% answered correctly)

Particle _not_ with words can be written together and separately. In order not to be mistaken when writing it, you need to act in the following sequence:

1. Find out whether a word is used without a particle _not_. If not used, write together.
For example: careless, ridiculous. If used without _ne_, then go to the next item.

2. Determine what part of the speech is and apply the appropriate rule.

How do you spell a little?

Without a particle, _ne_ word is used (there is such a word for a long time). This is an adverb that ends in _o_. Such adverbs are written together, if they can be replaced by a synonym without _not_. We'll see. “Shortly” can be replaced by the synonymous phrase “for a short time”. It would seem that, if it is possible to replace with a synonym, then what questions can there be, how to spell "not for long". Of course, together.

But with this adverb, not everything is so simple. It can be interpreted in different ways.

For example: Kohl left for a short time (for a short time).

Kohl did not leave for long (that is, not for a long time).

I hear angry questions: “How is it written for a while?”

And everything is very simple. If we put in the adverb the meaning “not for a long period of time”, then we write separately. If we mean that “for a short time,” then it’s all.

Here is a sly adverb!

For example, “not to the right” —but where?
To left?
To back?
Which option is correct?
How do you spell a little?
I hear angry questions: “How is it written for a while?
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