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How to cook purchased cabbage rolls in a saucepan. How to cook stuffed cabbage? Cooking technology. How to choose frozen cabbage rolls in the store?

  1. How to cook frozen cabbage rolls?
  2. Packaging details and shelf life
  3. Cooking and Cooking Instructions
  4. How to cook frozen cabbage?
  5. How to cook cabbage for cabbage
  6. How to make stuffing for cabbage
  7. How to make cabbage rolls
  8. How to cook frozen cabbage rolls
  9. Cooking lazy cabbage rolls in a pan
  10. How to cook frozen cabbage rolls
  11. How to cook lean cabbage rolls with mushrooms
  12. Stuffed cabbage rolls in a pan

Not a complicated process. And frozen cabbage rolls are just a treasure for a real hostess. At the right moment, you can get the semi-finished product from the freezer and fry, stew with sour cream or bake in a pot under a tasty sauce.

How to cook frozen cabbage rolls?

It is very easy to boil frozen cabbage rolls! In a suitable frying pan or saucepan with thick walls, you need to spasseurion onions with carrots (chopped finely previously), you can taste tomato paste or finely chopped tomato and, of course, salt and pepper. Put defrosted cabbage rolls in a frying pan and add enough hot water so that it completely covers the cabbage rolls. If the question arose: “How much to cook frozen cabbage rolls?”, Then boldly boil them for 40-50 minutes.

Packaging details and shelf life

Seasoned cabbage rolls are specially selected, large cabbage leaves grown in California are filled with gently seasoned, lean beef and long-grain rice, topped with a short tomato sauce. Each of these complies with strict nutritional regulations for sodium, fat and cholesterol to ensure that your patrons receive healthy food .

Cooking and Cooking Instructions

Full of tender rice, melt in your mouth and juicy sauce my ridiculously easy method will change forever how you make stuffed cabbage!

How to cook frozen cabbage?

Each hostess is quite able to make frozen cabbage herself. Preparation of such semi-products for freezing is not at all difficult.


  • young cabbage - 1 head;
  • minced meat - 1 kg;
  • onion - 1 piece;
  • fresh egg - 1 piece;
  • rice - 4-5 tbsp. spoons;
  • salt, pepper and seasoning to taste.


Just look at this delicate delicious. Then it was covered with a delicious and salty sauce and sealed to readiness for cooking for 17 minutes!
Just look at this delicate delicious
Because stuffed cabbage was really gentle and funny. But most importantly, everything was cooked perfectly, the rice was not digested, and the meat was not too dry.

Remove some kernels from the cabbage and place in the microwave, and then in the microwave for 15 minutes. You can also use the grinder nozzle on a food processor or grate on a box grater. Now pour into a strainer to get rid of the water. Add to the vegetables and fry a little salt and pepper. Sweat them for about 15 minutes. You do not want them to be brown, you just want them to become fragrant and soft. At the same time, separate your cabbage from one. If in the end you are left with the remainder, you will simply use them on top as a blanket for rolls. After the vegetables have been slightly stewed, add to your dill, tomato puree and sour cream; mix. This will help keep the mixture together and also add the taste of the killer. Pulse on high until everything is crushed beautifully. . You do not get more Ukrainian than cabbage rolls.

For a start, let's do minced meat for cabbage rolls. Thoroughly mix all the ingredients: minced meat, cooked until half cooked rice, egg, finely chopped onion, salt and seasonings.

Now you need to cook cabbage. Separate large sheets from the head and boil them in a pan for about twenty minutes until soft. Then in each prepared sheet we wrap the stuffing, give the desired shape, put it in containers and freeze it! Frozen cabbage rolls - ready meals!

There was no special dinner in our family without cabbage rolls. Not too tomato soup, not too cabbage. They are wonderful little charms. For the best cabbage rolls in the history of the world you will need. A note on boiling and freezing cabbage heads: we find that when cabbage leaves are boiled, then frozen and thawed, they are softer and much easier to roll than boiling and cooling.

We boil the whole cabbage head in a large pot for about a minute. Then we clear the top layer and discard. From there we take the leaves behind the layer, while the cabbage is still in the water. We cool the cabbage leaves on a cookie sheet and cool, sweep away some leaves and freeze. When you're ready to make your cabbage rolls, remove the leaves from the freezer and thaw on the counter. We prefer this method because you can buy cabbage when it is in season, and you can get it all year round.

Frozen stuffed cabbage: cooking recipe in pots

We will tell you how to cook frozen stuffed cabbage - semi-finished products in pots.

Everyone knows that delicious stuffed cabbage can be cooked just before cooking. But there is such a type of housewives, who, having sometimes a lot of free time, are ready to work for a long time with a large volume of products and to be able, during a period when there is not enough time, to cook dinner in half an hour. For such cases, this simple recipe is useful, which will tell you how to cook frozen stuffed cabbage for future use. Accompanying the recipe, the step-by-step photos make more evident not only my story, but maybe your cooking of frozen cabbage rolls.

Keep your cooked rice in a large pot. Take the cabbage leaf and put it in place. Seriously, it looks a thousand times easier than. Here on both edges of the cabbage roll. Ten minutes later you have two nice layers of cabbage rolls in a saucepan dish.

In the interval between the first and second layer and on top of the second layer, add another mixture tomato soup together with bacon and onions. Remember that margarine and onions we melted? Pour it over two layers of cabbage rolls. Place the raw cabbage rolls on pastries lined with plastic wrap. Wrap thoroughly and freeze for up to several months.

For the preparation will need:

- White cabbage ;

- meat or minced meat;

- round rice.

When all products are available, you can proceed to their processing.

How to cook cabbage for cabbage

The first thing to do is to cut a stalk of all heads.

Put cabbages into deep pans, pour boiling water and leave to cool.

From our Ukrainian home to yours. Best recipe cabbage ukrainian cabbage all over the world. Pour the melted butter and onions on two layers of cabbage rolls in a dish with a saucepan. Cover the second layer with several remaining cabbage leaves and place the foil on top. Remove from oven and enjoy!

  • Stand on both sides of the cabbage roll.
  • Put the cabbage in the pan.
  • Continue to lay the cabbage rolls on two layers in the pan dish.

When done correctly, the leaves of softened cabbage, surrounding the stuffing of minced meat and white rice, are boiled in a smooth tomato sauce, seasoned with warm spices, sugar and vinegar.

While the cabbage leaves are soft, make or take ready minced meat.

How to make stuffing for cabbage

How to choose meat for minced meat - everyone decides according to his taste.

Many times, however, the blasted rolls are filled with chewy, tasteless meat and soft rice, floating in a sweet sauce. Our recipe gently cooks stuffed rolls in the oven to reduce the risk of "roll ejection". For our stuffed cabbage rolls canned tomato sauce liked the smooth texture, and it was thin enough to properly coat the rolls without becoming pasty. Salted onions and garlic provided a delicious foundation, and ground ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg added the necessary warm aroma of spices to the sauce.

Cook until half-cooked round grain rice. Clean and very finely cut onions. All this is added to the bowl with meat.

All this is added to the bowl with meat

Pepper and salt, mix thoroughly.

How to make cabbage rolls

We remove from cabbage heads the leaves. Damage and fat middle we cut off.

How to cook frozen cabbage rolls

Tasters preferred brown sugar over white for its more complex taste, and red wine vinegar over white for its bite. Panels of milk and bread helped keep the filling soft and moist. We prefer whole milk in this recipe, but you can substitute 1 or 2% skimmed milk. Do not replace frozen cherries with fresh cherries.

Adjust the oven racks to the lower and upper position; Put a 12-inch griddle on the bottom rack and heat the oven to 425 degrees. The lines surround the baking sheet with aluminum foil and place the cherries, cut side up on a sheet. Roasted cherries on the top rack, while only the tender and cut sides look dry, about 15 minutes. Transfer the cherries to a medium bowl, throw in lemon juice and allow to cool for 5 minutes. Mix 2 teaspoons of flour and cinnamon in a small bowl; dust the flour mixture evenly over the cherry and toss to coat thoroughly.

Mix 2 teaspoons of flour and cinnamon in a small bowl;  dust the flour mixture evenly over the cherry and toss to coat thoroughly

Wrap in cabbage leaves minced meat and rice.

Wrap in cabbage leaves minced meat and rice

Stuffed cabbage folded in sudochek or just in a disposable bag in a single layer. This will make it easy to divide the cabbage before cooking. We send the resulting product in the freezer.

Beat in cream and milk until turned on. Remove the griddle from the oven and set on the wire rack. Add oil and spin to cover the bottom and side of the griddle. Pour the dough into the pan and evenly distribute the cherries on top. Transfer the pan to the rack and let it cool for 25 minutes. For rolls: Fill stock with water and bring to a boil over medium heat.

Cooking lazy cabbage rolls in a pan

Screw the threaded plug into the center of all pink cabbage; use it to transfer the cabbage to boiling water, gently loosening the outer leaves one by one and allowing them to fall into the water. Continue to slacken the leaves until the remaining cabbage becomes the size of a softball; reserve this section for shredding.

How to cook frozen cabbage rolls

Before cooking, the workpiece can not be thawed. There will be enough frozen cabbage rolls laid out in a pan and pour boiling sauce.

Once the leaves are in the water, boil them for about 5 minutes. Use a Chinese skimmer or forceps to transfer leaves to a large colander. Run in cold water until they become cool. Wash dry on clean dish towels, then set aside the remaining leaves and place them in a bowl. The dark green outer cabbage leaves - there should be 4 or 5 of them - will be used to help coat the collected cabbage rolls.

How to cook lean cabbage rolls with mushrooms

Use a pruning knife to trim the main end of the cooked leaves so that they roll easily. Now the leaves are ready to fill; must be at least 14 of them. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Take a baking sheet and a heavy 5 quart bottom.

Tomato sauce for cabbage can be made from diluted in water tomato paste or use tomato juice , but you can also prepare for future use. If you choose the latter, then pure fleshy tomatoes, bell pepper and chopped greens should be slaughtered in a blender. Next, you just need to pour the mixture in sudochku or packages for freezing. You can defrost the sauce right on the fire in a small saucepan.

Heat the oil in a medium saucepan over medium heat until the oil is flickering. Add the onions and cook for 2 minutes or until softened, then add the garlic and cook for 1 minute. Transfer to a small bowl and cool. Place the ground turkey in a large bowl. Add garlic powder, onion salt, paprika, cinnamon, salt and pepper; use your clean hands to carefully turn on these ingredients, then add an egg and cooked onion mixture; mix well. Gently fold in cooked basmati rice.

Stuffed cabbage rolls in a pan

Divide the mixture into 14 equal portions; shape into oblong pieces about 2 inches thick and long enough to fit into cooked cabbage leaves. Arrange the cooled leaves so that the slightly concave side is facing up, with the cut edge facing you. Place one piece of meat mixture right at the edge of the leaf closest to you. Fold the end of the sheet over the oblong filling, then fold on both sides as a package. Keep curling up in a compact magazine. Place on a baking sheet with the seam side down.

Here it is in a simple way By bothering with one free day and having frozen stuffed cabbage, you can easily and quickly cook at any time. tasty dish for the whole family or meet unexpected guests.

How to cook frozen cabbage rolls?
How to cook frozen cabbage rolls?
If the question arose: “How much to cook frozen cabbage rolls?
How to cook frozen cabbage?
Remember that margarine and onions we melted?
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